Custom Plantation Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters

Serving Flower Mound, Coppell, Southlake, Grapevine TX

Style – Durability – Efficiency

Custom Planation Shutters by Shutter Up QuickWooden Plantation Shutters are versatile, less expense than custom drapes and will add value to the home. They are the only window treatment that can be financed into the purchase of a home.

Not all shutter manufacturers are the same. True custom plantation shutters require detailed measurements of you windows and are crafted to those measurements; not cut down from stock sizes.  Look for companies that give you a wide selection of styles and options.

At ShutterUpQuick we currently offer you the brand selection n the area. Our manufacturers are know for their quality, service and warranty. High quality custom shutters to fit almost any budget.

    • Real Wood Shutters

Several types and brands can be classified as “Real Wood Shutters”. Strained wood shutters are typically constructed of Premium hardwoods with a custom stain applied. Now, Painted shutters can also be made of real wood, typically basswood, and have the distinctive wood texture.

    • Faux Wood Shutters

Faux wood shutters are made from a synthetic material that is suppose to resist wrapping, cracking or splitting in environments with high moisture and humidity. Often less expensive than real wood shutters, they could be a choice for those on a tight budget wanting the look of custom shutters.

We can help you select the best Plantation Shutters that fit your style and budget. Just give us a call for a no obligation in-home consultation.

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Norman Shutters

."\n"[img src=]21650Normandy 03
Outside mount, 2" camber deco frame, 3 1/2" louvers in silk white.
[img src=]7850Normandy 2 kids
Outside mount, plain boxout bypass, 3 1/2" louvers, divider rail, and hidden tilt rod in pure white.
[img src=]7330Normandy - PS white
Outside mount, 3 1/2" louver, plain boxout bypass, divider rail, with hidden tilt rod in Silk White.
[img src=]7130Normandy Designer Sill
Normandy Designer Sill cap
[img src=]6670Normandy Dining Rm 1
Normandy Shutters in Old Teak, 4 1/2" louvers, outside mount, Bullnose L frame, center divider rail, hidden tilt rod, and rectangular offset French door cutout.
[img src=]6900Normandy paint close-up
normandy shutters, 3 1/2" louvers, hidden tilt rod, 2" camber deco frame in crisp linen
[img src=]5580Normandy Shutters designer sill cap
Normandy Shutters, 3 1/2 " louvers, designer sill cap, 2" camber Deco frame, hidden tilt rod in chestnut
[img src=]6410Normandy Shutters - IMG 0056
Outside mount, colonial L frame, 3 1/2" louvers, offset curved french door cutout, divider rail, with hidden tilt rod in silk white.
[img src=]5550Normandy Shutters YD3U8066
Outside mount, 2" camber deco frame, 3 1/2" louvers, louvered arch, divider rail in black walnut.
[img src=]4950Normandy Shutters - Image 0119
Door with curved offset French door cutout, with Beaded L frame. Window with 2" Camber Deco frame, 3 1/2" louvers, divider rail, designer sill cap with hidden tilt rod, all in black walnut
[img src=]5070Woodlore 02
Outside mount, 2" classic deco frame, T-post. 2 1/2" louvers, in bisque
[img src=]5310Woodlore 04
Woodlore Shutters, outside mount, 3" ridge deco frame, 3-1/2" louvers, silk white finish.
[img src=]4710Woodlore 05
Woodlore Shutters, outside mount, 2" classic Deco frame, T-post, 2-1/2" louvers, silk white finish.
[img src=]4510Woodlore 07
Woodlore shutters feature a durable polypropylene coating that inhibits damage from ultraviolet rays.
[img src=]5530Woodlore Bathroom
Woodlore Shutters in Silk White, 4 1/2" Louvers, Inside mount, 2" Bel Air Z frame, center T-post, divider rail, hidden tilt rod
[img src=]4930Woodlore grayroom 001
Outside mount, vintage L frame, 2 1/2" louvers, divider rail in Pearl.
[img src=]4130Woodlore Living Rm
Outside mount, 3" Ridge Deco frame with inserts, 4 1/2" louvers, hidden tilt rod in Silk White